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Perth Amboy Bankruptcy Lawyer - If you are in need of the services of a Perth Amboy Bankruptcy Lawyer we can answer all of your Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy questions. The Lombardi Law Firm is located nearby, close and convenient to Perth Amboy, New Jersey with its office in Millburn in Essex County.  If you are facing eviction from an apartment or a foreclosure in Perth Amboy a Bankruptcy filing may help you avoid being put out of your home.  The Lombardi Law Firm has been providing the Perth Amboy Community affordable Bankruptcy services since 1999.  Call our office toll free from Perth Amboy today and set an appointment to speak to a Perth Amboy Bankruptcy Lawyer.  Bankruptcy may help if you are facing financial distress from the following:


Harrassing Telephone calls from bill collectors

Lawsuits in the Superior Court or Special Civil Part seeking to collect on a debt

Motor Vehicle Surcharges 

Income Tax Collection efforts by the Internal Revenue Service

Medical Bills that remain unpaid after treatment

Credit Card Debts

Student Loans if qualified by disability